About Us

Whatever There Was’ was originally a series of videos of people and places we encountered throughout our line of work. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion project that we call ‘Whatever There Was’ to share whatever that happened in our lives. The focus on the travel theme came naturally as we travel together and have been creating travel-related content even before we met.

In 2014, we decided to put them together under one hub and WTW was born as a homeground platform to share our adventures on the World Wide Web, compiling all of our travel experiences with the goals to inspire youth to travel independently while being inspired by the people they meet, the stories they encounter and the places they visit.

WhateverThereWas Video

With the help of our friends who also contributes for content, WTW is currently working its way to create more travel videos, informative write-up and photos with the motto “Go Forth and Explore”.

Who We Are


Point8cam is a film maker by profession and started out making vlogs and skate videos as early as the age of 12 as a passion while Hanie Hidayah discovered blogging in 2006 as a platform to share her daily musings. Together as a couple we decided to travel together and eventually work together to create travel content based on their experiences.

We’re now supported by other traveler friends who contributes content as well as Groundhouse Media for video production support.

What’s Our Goal

Our goal and mission is to keep creating content that would eventually inspire other people to pack their bags, travel or even to just explore what’s within their vicinity. As a relatively young website (and also partly new pack of travel-enthusiasts), we hope to explore more parts of the world and share our stories and help others share their stories while getting connected.

For collaborations, rad ideas or any business enquiries, please email us at