Airbnb features Southeast Asian Hosts

written by Hanie Hidayah March 29, 2016



Airbnb is a household name in the travel industry providing a service to connect people via offering a roof over their heads, or rather a bed to sleep in while they are away from their own home. Like many other crowd-service websites, Airbnb has created a traveling trend where people are now able to live in a home rather than hotels. It has also created many money-making opportunities for locals and supporting them while they do other things in their lives. We’ve been seeing stories from hosts and guests from around the world in the past, and now it’s high time that Airbnb features their chosen Southeast Asian hosts from five countries – Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Each hosts has their own unique way of hosting, their reasons of doing so and live very different lives. It gives a human touch to their service – people are their assets. Watch the videos below and let us know which one is your favorite.


Sapur from Penang, Malaysia

Pariya from Bangkok, Thailand

Nelson from Cebu, Philippines


Henry from Jakarta, Indonesia



Lien from Hanoi, Vietnam



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