Eating Places in Alor Setar, Kedah

written by Hanie Hidayah September 29, 2015

We recently had a shoot in Alor Setar, Kedah and considering it being our first time, we couldn’t resist hitting up some food spots so we turned to Instagram for some suggestions of ‘eating places in Alor Setar’. The replies were overwhelming and we were spoilt for choices. We tried our best to go to one spot whenever we could, but of course you would need a blackhole tummy and less commitments if you’re planning to hit up all these amazing places. Since we received raving positive comments from people who have tried the food and those who wanted to, we’ve come up with a checklist for you to print out for your next trip.


Where Did We Go?

Iman Kuey Teow

Situated on Lebuhraya Sultanah, this Kuey Teow spot is a great late night haunt as they’re open even close to midnight after our working shift. It’s hard to miss this place by the bright red signboard from the main road. The only downside is that you’ll have to park by the roadside and it could be a hassle on a packed night. The cockle kuey teow (flat noodles) is the wet type with a distinct taste of crushed peanuts and with the right amount of spice. Order your flat noodles with a sunny side-up egg on top to complete the dish. There are other food stalls within the same restaurant that sells Roti Arab (Arabic flat bread with curry) and rice dishes if kuey teow is not your cup of tea. Wash it down with classic teh o ais (iced tea without milk) or other staple Malaysian stall drinks and you’re good to head to bed for the night.

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Restoran Atap Rumbia

This restaurant on Jalan Telok Wanjah is a little tricky to look for as it’s under a highway fly-over. Once you’re near you won’t miss the outdoor carpark accompanied with a stream of smoke coming from the BBQ grill and the heavenly smell wafting in the air. I was expecting a moderate amount of dishes with the main BBQ-ed items to be the star but the plethora of Malay and Asian dishes served buffet style was overwhelming. I had a wonderful time going from tray to tray checking out the served dishes and choosing ones that would complement the BBQ-ed stingray. The BBQ taste were excellent – smoky and sweet but not cloying. I personally had a satisfying meal of grilled stingray and catfish coupled with coconut vegetable soup and a sour and spicy vegetarian salad for lunch.

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Mat Cucur Udang White Palace

This spot serves cucur udang unlike your usual ones – big, crispy whole prawns battered and deep fried and served with other fried items such as tofu. Instead of the sweet chilli sauce served as the dip, they serve it with thick peanut sauce instead. Situated in Taman PKNK, Mat Cucur Udang is a well-known spot among the locals and visitors if you’re craving for a crunchy, savoury snack.

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TAT Nasi Ayam

We finished our shoot pretty late one of the nights so we needed a late-night supper spot and TAT Nasi Ayam (located in front of Iman Kuey Teow) was still open close to midnight. There weren’t many people around but our instagram followers recommended this spot for some chicken rice. Unlike their Hainanese version, this chicken rice gravitates toward the Malay style more, where the chicken had been grilled then flooded with a mixture of thick soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce. It’s pretty

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Kopitiam Ukir Mall

If you’re fickle about the things you want to try first, head down to Kopitiam Ukir Mall. The plethora of food stalls available within one spot would satisfy any hunger pangs as well as breakfast cravings. It’s also a good place to have a gist of what Alor Setar could offer, from cucur pisang (crispy fried banana balls) to pulut and ikan asin (sticky rice, grated coconut and fermented dried fish) to all the famous Kedah dishes. The Cucur Pisang hit all the right spots for me and I couldn’t stop eating these tiny, crispy banana mixed with flour and sugar until my other half had to drag me out of the place (I’m kidding but I’m sure you get the drill).

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Restoran Dinalang Ais Kacang Salji

What else can be said about Ais Kacang (Malaysian style shaved ice dessert)? Nothing. No further justification is needed for Ais Kacang. It is possibly one of the best local dessert that a visitor could ever have while they’re in Malaysia.

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Nasi Lemak Royale Hijau Kuning

First timer visitors of Nasi Lemak Royale would be confused as Nasi Lemak Royale does not serve the usual rice cooked in coconut milk, served with chilli jam and other condiments. Nasi Lemak Royal is in fact another type of mixed rice, Nasi Kandar, a dish originated from the North Malaysia by the mamak community. The rice is cooked in turmeric and other spices while it’s topped with a mixture of your choice – meat, vegetables and doused in thick curry and black colored sweet gravy to give the dish a depth of flavor. Don’t miss out on the crispy fried chicken, boiled lady fingers and salted egg in your dish!

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Laksa Ikan Sekoq

I personally have a soft spot for savoury type of laksa (rice noodles in tamarind broth) so Laksa Ikan Sekoq hit all the right spots with me. It reminds me very much of my mum’s laksa compared to the ones in Penang and they even give you a second helping, for free! Laksa Ikan Sekoq can be ordered with the entire fish or without so make sure you specify to the lady that is taking your order. Plus, don’t forget to wash it down with more shaved ice (ABC).

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As promised, I’ve compiled a checklist for you to use on your next trip to Alor Setar, Kedah as contributed by the followers of Whatever There Was on Instagram. All you have to do is just download the photo below and save in your phone or print it out. Have fun, and help us share this article around!


Alor Setar Food

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