Travel Movies to Watch to Help You Get Your Bags-a-Packin’

written by Carolyn Chon July 31, 2014

If you’re running out of new and old movies to watch but at the same time pinning for a trip somewhere and you’re stuck because you can’t get off days from work anytime soon, here are five recommended movies to remedy the situation.


1. Motorcycle Diaries


Travel Movies


This travel movie is based on the earlier life of Che Guevara, where he traveled across South America mostly on a motorbike. What he took from his experiences and encounters on this trip that became the turning point of his life where he would then go on to fight against the economic and social injustices. Great movie!


2. Into The Wild


Travel Movies


This travel movie is second on the list because I believe that all real travelers have a soul like the protagonist, Chris McCandless. Based on the final adventure that Chris would take, this movie delves into the nature of Chris and possibly why and how he ended up dying in the infamous Bus 142 in the Stampede Trail. Adapted from a book also titled Into The Wild, Sean Penn brings the imagination of his adventure to the curious minds of the Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp fans. I also highly recommend the book, unless of course you’re not big for adventures and free spirited living.

3. The Darjeeling Limited


Travel Movies

Directed by Wes Anderson, this inspiring travel movie bursts with array of colours as with all Wes Anderson movies. It takes you along with the three brothers in the movie across India by way of a train known as The Darjeeling Limited. If you’ve never been to India, or didn’t like India, I believe this movie gives one a different light of the colourful country. That said, this is a fictional story but it does give you a more quirky view into the beauty that is India.


4. Y Tú Mama También

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This is another travel movie set in South America, but in Mexico this time. This movie does have more than enough scenes of sexual discoveries, so please refrain from watching it with your parents in case either one of you die or faints from awkwardness, but if you’ve got a progressive family… who am I to judge? Back to the movie, it’s pretty much another road trip movie, except that this time it involves two teenage boys and a slightly older woman. Plot and story aside, you get to see Mexico through the eyes of Mexican director,Alfonso Cuarón.

5.  Long Way Round / Long Way Down

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THIS isn’t a movie, but a two part  reality travel movie series, starring Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. This series basically follows the both of them on an epic biking road trip round the world, Long Way Round sees them ride from London through to Eastern Russia and all the way to New York City, while Long Way Down sees the both of them riding from Scotland right down to Cape Town, South Africa. This show will show you how amazing traveling overland is, from the people you meet with, to dangerous encounters, to memorable or not-so-memorable meals, to plain living life as freely and happily as one can.

Get your popcorn and soda ready for a weekend of travel movies! Leave us a comment with your favorite travel movie of all time.

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