Iceland: Driving To The Northern Lights

written by Point8cam June 24, 2014

With 11 days of driving around the Ring Road of Iceland in winter, we were prepared to stay at 10 different places to make this film.

We drove around Iceland in an anti-clockwise direction starting from Reykjavik to Hvolsvöllur, Hofn, Skaftafell, Vik, Egilsstaðir, Akureyri, Dalvík, Hvammstangi, Borgarnes and back to Reykjavik. Driving around Iceland’s Ring Road is a scenic experience especially in winter.

With a mix of snow and dry ground in the south, the beautiful snowy landscapes up in the north, it was a driving experience never to be forgotten. Mountains which look ever so majestic during the day and menacing at night. No wonder we listened to epic dangerous soundtracks in movies where there are shots of mountains at night, it really fits the mood!

Slippery roads, driving in the dark, windy roads, heavy snowfalls, foggy sights up the mountain – I could only have prepared myself mentally for such things. Driving in Iceland has made me become a better driver.

Filming in the fast changing weather conditions was a challenge, especially when having to deal with camera buttons while wearing thick gloves. Batteries die faster than usual, metal tripod legs freezing up which bite my fingers when carrying it during a trek and the mean wind which blows any method of stabilization when shooting handheld or on sticks. This was really good practice as a film maker while keeping things safe out of any danger.

With all challenges of driving and filming aside, we’re grateful to come back with all the footage intact which has resulted to this film. We wanted to capture how overwhelmed we were with Iceland’s great landscape, also to showcase our experience watching the nothern lights. This phenomenon, also called the Aurora Borealis, was captured in real time. No timelapse of the nothern lights here! We’ve seen so many timelapse videos out there and no doubt they are great videos, but we wanted to share a visual experience which was closer to our perspective when we were there.

Of course, none of this wouldn’t have happened without the support of Route 1 Car Rental. Route 1 Car Rental were very supportive of our mission and prepared us with the needed brief and tips well before our adventure started. They made sure they gave us the right car to drive up the challenging north side of Iceland! Also, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast places who welcomed us, we wished we had more time to share stories!

We hope you enjoy this video and hopefully it’s something to get you guys going to Iceland one day. Iceland is truly a country we have fallen in love with.. the landscape, people, the whole package!

We have part 2 of our Iceland video, so stay tuned for that one!

To know more about our winter driving experience in Iceland, check out our useful tips here!

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