Places To Be In April 2015

written by Hanie Hidayah March 29, 2015


What: Songkran Festival

When: 13-15 April

 Songkran Thailandsource

Celebrate Thai New Year by getting soaked. Each year the Thais celebrate the coming of the new year by getting ready for the world’s biggest water fight. This is a tradition that has evolved from the original purpose of pouring scented water over their hands to seek blessings into a nationwide ‘war’. For three days, no one is safe from being doused with water guns, baloons and sometimes flour. It’s a sticky mess but it’s a chance to have fun with the locals and cool off from the heat.


What: Nepali New Year

When: Around 13/14th April


Bisket Jatra also marks the start of the Nepali New Year and celebrated in Khalna Tole, Bhaktapur. Nepali locals haul a large chariot carrying images of the god Bhairab. They will battle over a tug of war session between the east and west side. A huge phallic symbols will be erected in a base stone afterwards. On New Year’s day, the pole will be pulled down in a tug-of-war battle again, and once it crashes to the ground it officiates the New Year.


What: Coachella Music Festival

When: 10-12 and 17-19 April


Coachella is one of the world’s famous current music festivals. Announcements of their line-ups alone are waited by people across the globe and the patrons are usually filled with hip, young Americans including A-list celebrities. Big names have played at this Coachella Valley gathering over the years, and the fashion trends on ground are not to be ignored. It will be hot at the Sonoran Valley grounds, but that doesn’t stop the crowd from camping on-site, take part in the Rock, Paper, Scissor Championship, do yoga and bust out their dance moves in their loudest (or minimal) hipster gear.


What: Naghol ritual

When: Early April to June


Also known as land diving, Naghol is one of the world’s most interesting (and death defying) customs. Every year in early April on the island of Pentecost, tall wooden towers are built and men and boys will dive head first with only two vines attached to their legs to break the fall. This was probably the ritual that inspired the modern bungy jumping, but it is one not to miss if you decide to see a heart-stopping traditional custom.


What: Tulips season

When: Mid-March to Mid- May


Spring is welcomed in Netherlands with bountiful blooming tulips especially in Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden. You may spend the day in the garden for photo opps displayed and buy some of the bulbs to take home.


What: Jazz Fest

When: Last weekend of April to first weekend of May


If you love dancing to music, partying, good food and meeting one of the friendliest people on earth, you should be in New Orleans. Jazz Fest is the biggest reason for people in this city to party, after Mardi Gras. For two weekends in late April to early May, tourists and locals will flock the Fair Grounds to be treated with great music from 11am-7pm but the music don’t stop ’til the wee hours cause there are plenty of bars and music venues (especially in the French Quarter) that will make you swing with excitement.


What: Witches’ Night

When: 30 April


Think Halloween in April where witches and warlocks gather on Walpurgisnacht at locations throughout the Harz Mountains before they “fly” off on their broomsticks. Traditionally, peasants would hang crosses and herbs on their doors to ward off wandering witches but now, thousands of visitors (pagans and non) gather for an experience of dancing around bonfires and pretend to be witches for a night.

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