Places to be in March 2015

written by Hanie Hidayah February 24, 2015

New Zealand

What: The Auckland Festival

When: 4-22 March 2015

auckland festival

Immerse yourself in the culture and arts in this festival held throughout the 19 days in Auckland, New Zealand. There will be a line-up of theatres, cabarets, dance and visual arts put together in more than 100 class shows and exhibition by locals and around the world.




What: Holi Festival

When: Three days around March full moon (2, 6, 23, 13 March 2015)


Holi marks the end of winter and welcomes in the spring with a rainbow of colours in India. It is predominantly celebrated in the north where children and adults take on to the streets and throw colorful powder to each other. The night before the main day, huge bonfires are lit up at major crossroads in towns and cities to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. As a visitor, expect to be bombarded with dyed water, powders and balloons filled with colored water.




What: South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

When: March 13-22 2015

Keynote: Lady Gaga - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive

Started in 1987, South by Southwest Music & Media conference brings the music industry and performers together for 10 days where new, up and coming musicians might be discovered by music execs. There are trade shows, key notes, exhibitions and by nightfall, more than 1200 acts perform at various venues across the city. In the recent years, SXSW has also added a film festival and conference, and a festival for interactive media.

It’s not possible to buy single session of single-day passes. Check out the passes options in the website below.




What: St Patricks Day in Dublin

When: 17 March 2015

st patrick's dublin

Although the world celebrates St Patrick’s Day, the most authentic experience would be in the country’s capital, Dublin. As the main Irish festival, there will be thousand gathering on the city streets and in multiple venues to “honour” the saint who drove out Ireland’s snakes. There will be theatres, fairgrounds, music festivals and of course the awaited, famous St Patrick’s Day street parade to round out all the festivities.




What: Hari Nyepi, Bali.

When: March 21 2015

Tourists gather to look at Balinese Nyepi Day statues

Hari Raya Nyepi is a Balinese Hindu celebration to mark the arrival of Spring of the year. There will be a parade of Ogoh-Ogoh, a papier mache made effigies of evil spirits that is believed to be sent down by their God, which will then be carried away by the locals through the streets. The locals will be making noises while have their faces painted, symbolizing them scaring the evil away. In the evening, a big party will follow. This festival will then mark the Balinese ‘Day of Silence’, the start of the new year and Spring as a day to self-reflect. This means no cooking or fires, no entertainment, no travelling and no work of any kind is permitted. No one is allowed to be at the beach or streets so travelers are to stay in their hotel or guesthouse for 24 hours. The day after Nyepi, is known as Ngembak Geni, and as daily routines get back to normal, this is a day to perform religious rituals and ask forgiveness for past deeds to start the new year with a clean slate.





What: Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season

When: March and April


One of the best times to visit Japan is during the cherry blossom season that marks the start of Spring. Streets in Japan will be lined with beautiful blossoming cherry trees and the locals (and tourists) goes out for their annual Hanami, also known as picnics. Parks in Japan will be crowded as locals enjoy their bento packs and drinks under the trees and stores in Japan showcases their creative side by coming up with themed food and beverages.

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