Roti Canai jalan Transfer Penang

written by Hanie Hidayah May 30, 2014

We arrived in Penang in search of good food. Afterall, Penang is known as the foodie heaven in Malaysia.

After a couple of google searches, I found some reviews on Roti Canai Jalan Transfer Penang. Even one of our friends recommended us to try out this ‘awesome’ roti canai that is supposedly to run out of curries by noon.

Yes, they did run out of lamb and beef curry that I was so eager to try out as we reached at 11am. We had to patiently wait by the roadside for a parking spot so I had to settle with chicken curry, and a piece of square, almost cripsy roti canai after a few times calling the waiters to take our orders. Service brownie points -1 (they were really busy, I can tell. But one guy came to us and left halfway while I was making an order).


roticanaijalantransferpenangThe roti was okay, I’ve definitely had better. The curry, not very impressive but I can understand why some people really like it. They were very generous with their curry powder and spices, which made it slightly different they give a whole piece of chicken with each order. Total damage was RM13 for three roti canai and two chicken pieces.



However, the drinks run by another owner within the same compound. We ordered two iced milo and was charged RM4 in total for iced milo tarik which obviously was not what I ordered. I brought it up to the person who took our order cause I was sitting facing the menu board and he refused to clearly explain to us and just waited for the money which was such a turn-off as a customer. Not being stingy, but I believe it’s not nice to simply charge your customers. A better way is to have a single pricing instead of separating them with the ‘tarik’ and ‘non-tarik’.


Overall verdict on Roti Canai Jalan Transfer Penang?

Not as great as I expected it to be but definitely will reconsider if I’ve no other choices.

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