Samantha Katie’s Favorite Moments in Sydney & New South Wales

written by Hanie Hidayah September 28, 2017

Samantha Katy James

All photos are by Heartpatrick
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Sydney is a vibrant city that is known for their amazing coffee culture, beautiful beaches and a truly balanced city-outdoor lifestyle that is quintessentially Australian. We had the privilege to work and travel with this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie James on a trip to Sydney and New South Wales not too long ago and here are some of her favorite places and memories of the trip:

Bondi beach

samantha katy james

Bondi is so iconic to Sydney that it would be silly to not drop by even at least once. Located about 20 minutes from the city centre, Bondi offers a more laid-back beach lifestyle – nice view, a beautiful stretch of beaches and coastal walks, public parks facing the ocean, weekend markets, bars and cafes to get your coffee and ricotta pancake fix from. There are also pools such as the famous Bondi Iceberg and other public rock pools along the coast that one could soak their feet in whilst enjoying the view. Bondi Iceberg is also a great lunch spot with a view if you fancy some fine meals.


Gelato Messina

samantha katy james

Samantha enjoying a Messina gelato

If you come across Gelato Messina in Sydney, do not hesitate to drop by cause they serve some of the best gelatos in town that won rave reviews. They use raw and most natural form of ingredients and make everything from scratch so there’s no colouring, preservatives, flavorings and pastes. Their dairy flavours have low fat content because they use less cream, and the sorbets are completely fat free, dairy free and full of fruit. They have 40 freshly churned flavours, 35 being their regular and 5 specials – one for every weekday so you could try them all!


Watermelon Cake at Black Star Pastry

samantha katy james

Black Star Pastry is a boutique patisserie known for their coffee and desserts, especially the iconic watermelon cream cake that is one of the most photographed cake in Australia (if not the world). They have three branches within Sydney – Newtown, CBD and Rosebery to choose from but we personally liked the Rosebery outlet at it has a bigger space within. They also serve savoury dishes such as pies in their menu so it’s a great place to drop by for lunch.


Blue Mountains

samantha katy james

About two hours drive away from Sydney city centre, Blue Mountain is a great place for a quick getaway close to nature. There are plenty of hotel resorts within the area, and all attractions are a short drive away from each other. Visitors come as early as 5 a.m. to catch the sunrise at the Three Sisters lookout point, go for a cave exploration at Jenolan Caves and end it with a sunset view at Lincoln’s Rock.

Vivid Sydney


Samantha Katy James

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival that lasts for 23 days where parts of Sydney is transformed into a world of ‘light art’ open gallery with music, sculptures, and various art installations. Tourists and locals flock around Sydney during Vivid season in search for installations within the streets and tourist attractions after dark that were done by artists all around Australia and the world. Check out their website for information on the next festival.


Check out more places that Samantha Katie James visited in Sydney HERE and leave a comment on places you think people should go to in Sydney.

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