Travel Video: Bangkok Part 1

written by Point8cam June 27, 2011

This travel video starts off with heading to the archery in progress to gather props together with Justin Bratton and director Adrian, followed by checking out the studio.

Apart from seeing another side of Asia, we were there on another agenda to film a short film which.. let’s get into Bangkok instead!

Along the way, Hanie and I pretty much roamed the city of Bangkok with attempts of putting our minds away from our luggage. Unfortunately, our baggage made it to Sydney, Australia. Apart from buying necessities, we still went on to place to place despite the limited time we had minus studio time.

Food in Thailand is much plenty in terms of choices. I found it funny how we had Japanese food in Thailand but i have to say, Bangkok does offer many Japanese restaurants in most shopping malls and reasonably priced! Also, during our walks we discovered many kinds of street food which we found pretty intriguing. And as usual, thai food is always good at its own home. Justin took us to a restaurant not too far from Thong Lo BTS train station, i have to say i’m a sucker for spicy and sour food. That restaurant made my day.

Check out Part 2 of the Bangkok travel video here.

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