Travel Video: Hong Kong Disneyland

written by Point8cam May 26, 2014

As soon as we arrived Disneyland in Hong Kong, we were welcomed with a world of which brings back memories once we were kids.
From the hotel to the theme park itself, it was all Disney from the design of the place, the tunes played to fill the ambiance and even to the food we ate! I myself felt like a spoiled kid thinking that everything was oh so joyful and happiness was in every corner.

We wanted the travel video to encapsulate the elements of joy and the magic Disneyland had to offer. Of course the music played a huge role on setting the tone of this travel video. We wanted our audience to experience more than just a glimpse of how we had such a fun time there. Of course, we had fun making this travel video altogether. I’ve always had fear of having my camera left on a tripod while we acted some of the scenes out but it paid off by making the scenes alive. However, my advice is to always take caution when leaving your camera unattended.

We’re happy how this travel video has turned out. It is now a fun piece of memory to look back into!

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