Travel Video: Singapore

written by Point8cam May 24, 2014

This was the video which sparked the Whatever There Was travel video series.

4 nights, a camera, lenses, a voice recorder, great company, good food, backpackers, 6 star hotel, random snacks, partying, skateboarding and ended up with a ton of footage. Learning and growing up to what i am today made me act, record and piece this all up together this way. Never thought it’d look like this. I just thought i could make something out of my footage.

I wanted to create something fun yet personal, captured and edited in a filmic manner. It was fun making this video altogether. I discovered that i find fun in places i am when i’m filming as it gives me more reason to find out more about what i see in the future; just to walk that extra mile to find out what’s down the road.

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