Tsukiji Market & Odaiba

written by Hanie Hidayah June 5, 2014

There should be one day during your visit to Tokyo that you will not regret waking up at 3 a.m. for, and that would be the hunt for the freshest sashimi and sushi you’ll ever have in your life.

Tuna auctioning at Tsukiji Market

Unfortunately, this was closed to public while we were there. If you’re planning to watch a tuna auction in Tsukiji, be at the market as early as 4am to get a spot as they only allow limited number of people in two sessions per day and its first-come-first-serve basis. The nearest station to the fish market is the Tsukiji-chijo station.


Best sashimi and sushi at Tsukiji Market restaurants

After the tuna auction, you can sample the freshest sashimi and sushi you will ever have in your life at their restaurants. There are a few restaurants in the market area (refer to the map above) but we went for the recommended Sushi Dai (or Daiwa) for our 10-pcs sashimi course. THIS, should be in your budget for the trip. It would cost about 3500 yen (MYR100+/ USD35) per course but you can order ala carte if you prefer. Sushi is prepared to you as per chefs’ recommendations and they are the catch of the day. Don’t forget to learn sushi-eating etiquette before you dine here!




Gundam Statue at Divercity Plaza

Once you’re done with a filling meal at Tsukiji, head back to the train station and head to Odaiba. Odaiba is like the Atlantic City of Tokyo – plenty of malls, outdoor parks and recreational beaches that would be great in the summer season. Our first stop in Odaiba was Diver City Plaza for a photo with the life-sized Gundam statue. Situated at the outside courtyard of the mall, this statue is attracting a number of visitors and fans daily. There are Gundam merchandises being sold nearby, and also a cafe with light Gundam-themed meals.


Gundam Cafe at DiverCity Plaza

Once you’ve taken your photos at the statue, drop by at the Gundam Cafe just behind it. There’s another outlet in Akihabara, but there’s no statue there unlike in Odaiba. Inside, you will find novelty Gundam merchandises and Gundam-themed food items. We bought a few merchandises and a custard pastry and it was not bad tasting at all.


Rooftop Skatepark DiverCity Plaza

This is for the skaters out there who are looking for skateparks in Tokyo. There’s one in Shibuya beside a futsal court, and one on the rooftop of DiverCity Plaza. point8cam brought his deck on this trip, so he managed to skate at the rooftop park for a certain fee. The place is run by skaters themselves and if you’re lucky you might even bump into a touring pro-skater at this spot. The park isn’t big, but it’s good for a few runs and its very well maintained. It’s pretty cold to sit out there in winter, but there’s a cafe in case if you wanna have something to snack on or to keep warm when you’re not going for some rounds.


Strolling around Odaiba

At night, some buildings would light up synchronised with with blaring pop jingles from its speakers. In a true modern Japanese fashion, you will be amazed at the amount of effort put into entertainment, even on their architecture and buildings. Almost everything in modern Japanese streets are interactive. Odaiba is a nice place to walk around and discover unusual monuments – you might find a mini ‘Statue of Liberty’ with the multicolored ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ in the background.


Do you have any spots to recommend within these two areas? Leave us a comment!

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