Not Your Average Chiang Mai Trip

written by Point8cam October 13, 2014

This travel video was filmed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of our travel videos showcases the best of our wandering adventures. From driving around an entire island, getting lost which end up to discoveries and connecting with local people who help us while we’re on the go. Ever wondered what takes place when we’re not out and about?

Chiang Mai – A sweet retreat into the woods

Over the span of 9 days in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we spent our nights in 4 different Airbnb listings and did what we do best when we’re under a roof; being able to belong anywhere. We believe that our accommodation is just as important as our adventure as it sets our mood to feel like we’re at home after a heavy day out or living in a dream home. Sure a hotel is nice, but we prefer homes!

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We moved around 4 different parts of Chiang Mai which were Luang Nuea, Maerim, Mueang and Mae Wang. From treehouses to a rice field backyard and a luxurious villa to an elephant sanctuary, it was a mix of coziness and exquisiteness. We’re talking about really a high up treehouse in the jungle, a hut made of bamboo, a super concrete villa with its own private swimming pool and a camp full of elephants! Being really close to nature which the Chiang Mai experience typically is, we’ve had our fair share of fun and challenges which were memorable on a good note. On top of all that, our hosts were all very accommodating.


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