WATCH: Crowdsourced Travel (No Plans, No Luggages)

written by Hanie Hidayah October 6, 2015

Almost everyone has at least some plan whenever they travel, and that includes me. I like to leave some things impromptu to make it more fun and challenging but Malaysian travelers Kevin Hoong and Marisha Naz took it to another level by letting their Facebook friends decide on their journey, crowdsourced travel style. About a year ago, after a big success on their ‘Hitchiking from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia‘ experiment they decided that it’s only apt to embark on another journey – this time around, with the help of their Facebook friends to plan their trip on the go. They had no plans, no luggages, relied on a small backpack, and a Starbucks cup filled with pre-written suggestions by their friends to be drawn out as they go for 2 nights within Southeast Asia. They ended up in Hong Kong during the protest and that was only the start of their story. Watch the video below and may it inspire you to start living adventurously and who knows it would help you in your next trip.

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