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written by webmaster May 24, 2014

After much delay, WhateverThereWas is finally running for your viewing pleasure. For those who have not heard of us before, we are a duo traveler with a Director  of Photography and Blogger as our day profession. We created WhateverThereWas when we first started dating, not knowing it will grow as a video series of our travel and people encounters for the past few years. Today, WhateverThereWas is a platform to inspire people – especially urban Malaysians to travel to destinations, well-known or far beyond their must-go list.

We came from a community that relies on travel groups or tours, and though it might suit some we prefer to set our own pace, destinations and expectations. WhateverThereWas in the future will not be just by us, it is created to enable young creatives to travel with our assistance. We welcome film makers, photographers, writers who wants to contribute and be a part of the WhateverThereWas community – creating passionate mediums to our youth, inspire them to explore the world and take the leap, just like we do.

With that note we’ll leave you to explore, subscribe and share about WhateverThereWas if possible. Thank you.


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